De homebrew applicatie freeShop is een opensource alternatief voor de Nintendo eShop dat origineel werd ontwikkeld door TheCruel. Het project is nu overgenomen door Arc13 en dat zorgt voor een indrukwekkende changelog:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments.
  • Reworked game description screen. You can also press the Select button to open the ratings screen for a game.
  • The installed list can now be sorted and the sorting options can be saved, like the filter list. (Check settings)
  • The game list can now be filtered by game features and publishers
  • Empty filters are now hidden
  • Reworked News screen (now like the dialogs)
  • Title keys can be downloaded from multiple URLs
  • A search bar has been added in the installed list.
  • Check if free space is enough on SD/NAND for sleep downloads.
  • Message if storage is almost full in storage bars.
  • Modified dialogs (again…)/news screen, and cleaned animations.
  • The “Refresh Cache”/”Update” buttons now asks for a confirmation before rebooting the app.
  • The storage informations now tell you if there’s less than 5% of free storage in your SD/NAND.
  • A notification is sent when the console is disconnected from the internet.
  • The system settings can be launched when there is no internet connection at startup.
  • The game list is not updated on a search when the search term didn’t change.
  • Modified dialogs, and cleaned animations.
  • Added a 3DSX auto-updater.
  • Press and hold Select to sleep-download every downloadable content.
  • Bugfix + improved the notifications (on the news list)
  • Bugfix: Start button wasn’t closing the app properly.
  • Bugfix: Unreleased DLC now fails the download instead of suspend it, so the download queue can continue.
  • Bugfix: RGB LED is now supported in 3DSX version.
  • Bugfix: Games with top/bottom screenshot was crashing freeShop (like MH4U)
  • Bugfix: Games with small screenshots wasn’t taking the full screen when selected. (see Paper Plane EUR, however, these screenshots are rescaled, so it’s very “pixeled” when in full screen)
  • Bugfix: freeShop was not installing the seed correctly.

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