(S)NES Classic Mini

This guide teaches you to install and configure Hakchi2. Additionally you can choose to install RetroArch.


This guide teaches you how to install and configure Hakchi2. Requirements:


Steps for adding more NES Classic Mini roms
  1. Install Hakchi
  2. Connect your NES Classic Mini to your computer
  3. Run Hakchi
  4. Click KernelDump Kernel and follow the onscreen instructions

Your kernel dump can now be found in the dump folder of the Hakchi2 directory on your PC. If anything should go wrong you’ll be able to restore it. Make a backup just in case. Proceed with the following step:

  1. Click Kernel Flash Custom Kernel and follow the onscreen instructions (the flashing process starts automatically)

When the process is finished a green circle in the bottom left corner should be displayed. This means the console is ready to add more roms.

  1. Click Add More Games and all the roms you want from your computer
  2. When finished select all those games and select Download Box Art for Selected Games
  3. (Optional) If you don’t like the box art you can change it by clicking the game – right click and choose browse

When you’re happy with your list press Synchronise Selected Games with the NES Classic Mini. The games should upload to your console. The added games should also be able to use Rewind and Save State functions.