Firmware 4.74

Status: This firmware received a full port of the 5.05 exploit chain (Kernel + Webkit)
Possibilities: Install and run homebrew + FPKG | Boot Linux

Team PS4NoBD has fully ported the Kernel + Webkit Exploit for firmware 5.05 to 4.74 for those who cannot update because of a broken BluRay Drive (Credits: CelesteBlue, Zecoxao, SpecterDev).

How can I host / run the exploit on firmware 4.74?

Probably not a whole lot of people are stranded on firmware 4.74 and that’s why fewer developers are working on hosting solutions compared to other hackable firmwares.


  • PC Hosting (use the files here:
  • Android Hosting (use the files here:
  • Online Hosting (Zecoxao: click here | Mirror: click here )

Not available (yet):

  • ESP Hosting (We are not aware of a firmware for the ESP with the 4.74 Exploit + Payloads)
  • Al-Azif Exploit Host

See buttons below for more information on each method.

How do I launch the 4.74 Exploit for the first time?

Depending on the way you choose to host the exploit the following steps will vary a bit.

  • Open the Browser
  • In the URL bar navigate to
    • IP Address or webadress of the Exploit Host
  • Choose one of the available exploit chains ex. HEN or HEN with Notify to install and run homebrew + more.
  • Press OK when prompted
  • Close the browser by pressing the PS button on your controller.

Online Hosting

Android Hosting

ESP Hosting

Al-Azif DNS

PC Hosting