Android Hosting

Selfhosting the PlayStation 4 Exploits and Payloads without having a PC or ESP8266 isn’t the easiest thing to do. If that’s the case for you Android Hosting is an option worth looking at.

Stooged's Android PS4 Exploit Host

Developer Stooged has written an Android application that can host payloads and a PS4 exploit chain for all hackable firmwares. All you have to do is download the payload .bin files for the firmware you’d like to use and install the .apk file.


  • PS4_Serve3_v1_3 Installable APK file for android (Download here)
  • The .bin payload files for your firmware you want to use


  • Copy the APK file to your device and install (check the option ‘install from unknown sources’ if prompted).
  • Copy the payload file(s) into the Payloads directory
  • Select the payload you want to run in the app
  • On your PS4 open the browser and navigate to the IP Address shown in the android app


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