ESP Hosting

The ESP8266 is a low-cost WiFi microship with full TCP/IP stack and micro controller capability and can be used to host the PlayStation 4 Exploit Chain with multiple payloads. Multiple developers have released custom firmware for the device.


Different ESP firmware’s are released by multiple developers. Most firmware’s include exploits and payloads for all hackable firmwares (4.05 / 4.55 / 5.05) unless stated otherwise by the developer.


  • An ESP8266 with at least 4MB (ex. NodeMCU 3)
  • A firmware binary (ESPXploit Host / X-Project / …)
  • NodeMCU PyFlasher (Download here)
  • Micro USB cable
  • PS4 running on exploitable firmware
  • PC (Windows 10)


Flashing the Firmware:
  1. Download the firmware of your choosing
  2. Download NodeMCU PyFlasher
  3. Press and hold the Flash button on the ESP then connect it via USB to your PC
  4. Run NodeMCU PyFlasher on your PC
  5. Choose the ESP from the Serial Port drop downlist
  6. Firmware = The .bin file downloaded in step 1
  7. Baud rate = 115200
  8. Flashmode = DIO
  9. Erase Flash = Yes, Wipe all

When the proces is finished make sure to power your ESP, and boot your PS4.  

Setting up connection with your console:

When the firmware file is flashed make sure to power your ESP and boot your PlayStation 4.

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ – ‘Network’ en click on Custom
  2. Choose WiFi and connect to ESP8266XploitHost (Depending on the flashed firmware, this can be different)
  3. The password is ‘ps4xploit’ without the ‘ (Depending on the flashed firmware, this can be different)
  4. Click OK and next until you test the connection
If the connection test succeeds navigate to ‘Settings’ – ‘User Manual’ and you’ll be greeted with a custom ESP interface, alternatively open the browser and navigate tot the IP address found in the Readme of your firmware. Select an exploit + payload from the list and close the browser by pressing the PS Button after execution.

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