PC (Self) Hosting

Self hosting solutions are found for Windows, Linux and macOS, the easiest method is using Al-Azif’s Easy PS4 Exploit Hosting and we will explain it here.

  • Download the latest version of PS4 Exploit Host (Click here)
  • Download and install Python 3 (Windows users need to check add python to path in options)
How to run PS4 Exploit Host locally
  1. Run ps4-exploit-host.exe and start.py (Windows)
    1. Run in Terminal (./ps4-exploit-host and python start.py)(Linux – Use SUDO if needed)
  2. On your PlayStation 4 navigate to SettingsNetworkSetup Network and when you get to DNS Settings select Manual
  3. Set the Primary and Secondary DNS to the IP address shown on your PC and connect to the network
  4. On your PlayStation 4 navigate to Settings – User’s Guide and select it. A page with possible exploits and payloads should show.
  5. Choose one and close the browser with the PS Button after executing.

If you don’t have a PC, or run in to difficulties try changing the DNS to:

  • DNS1:
  • DNS2:

These are configured by Al-Azif and the result is an up to date exploit page when opening the User’s Guide.