This ‘How To’ guide can only be used on PlayStation 4 consoles with the exploitable firmware 5.05 installed.
Original Tutorial:

What is PSXItarch Linux?

This is a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux created by Team PSXITA with only the PlayStation 4 in mind. It even allows users to Read and Write to the internal PS4 hard drive on CUH-10xx and CUH-11xx models). It comes equipped with RetroArch, Dolphin Emulator and Mupen64Plus. The second release added new and better AMD GPU Open Source Drivers for 2D / 3D Hardware acceleration and Vulkan drivers.

What do I need?

Requirements for this guide:

  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse (or use the touchpad on your DualShock 4)
  • USB Drive formatted as FAT32 (I recommend at least 16GB and 3.0)
  • Optional: if you own a PHAT or SLIM you’ll need a USB Hub to connect three devices at once. The Pro has 3 USB ports (one on the back)


  • initramfs.cpio.gz (md5: 7c38ca9c4eaff335ef52cef398ab1278)
  • bzImage (md5: 20fe8941f2238b35822ea61939f2393d)
  • psxitarch.tar.xz (md5: 8058d928b9a3f9532d55535e166789f7) 

You can download the above files as a zip in our Vault (download here) or on the official website (here)

What do I do?
  • If you’re USB Drive is not formatted as FAT32, do it now. It’s very important.
  • If you downloaded via the ConsoleHax Vault mirror, extract the ZIP file.
  • Copy the three files (intramfs.cpio.gz, bzImage and psxitarch.tar.xz) to the root of your USB Drive
    • Do NOT change the name or extension of these files!
  • Connect the USB Drive, the mouse and keyboard to your PS4

On your PlayStation 4:

  • Run the kernel exploit + a Linux Loader payload
    • Via the offical webpage (here)
    • You can use X-Project live hosted on ConsoleHax here (Navigate to LINUX an choose VRAMX* PSXITARCH LINUX V2)
      • The default payload is VRAM2 (2GB), but if desired you can choose VRAM1 (1GB) or VRAM3 (3GB)

Your PlayStation 4 should now reboot and rescueshell should appear.

  • With your keyboard typ exec to proceed with the installation
    • This installation will take about 30 minutes

When it’s finished PSXItarch schould boot automatically. If you encounter a problem try to typ exec

USERNAME: psxita

What can you do in PSXItarch after booting?