Infinity is NOT the Custom Firmware we are installing using this method, Infinity allows you to install any Custom Firmware on your device.

Prepare and download all required files


Unzip the archives from the Infinity website and copy 631.PBP and 661.PBP to the folder MAKER. Connect your PSP with your PC and navigate to the folder ms0:/PSP/GAME/ copy the folders MAKER, FLASHER and STAGE to this location.

Disconnect your PSP and navigate to GAME > Memory Stick. You should now see the the following 3 programs:

Create DATA.MFC for Infinity
  1. Run 6.61 Infinity Firmware Builder;
  2. Wait until the builder has finished, and then press X.
  3. Connect your PSP to your computer again and navigate to ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’. Select DATA.MFC and move it to the FLASHER folder.
Flashing Infinity
  1. Run 6.61 Infinity Firmware Flasher;
  2. Agree to the conditions by pressing X;
  3. After installation press X to restore

Rebooting the PSP

During the first reboot the PSP indicates that the settings are corrupted. This is normal. Press CIRCLE to reconfigure your PSP. After the restart, you will see that Infinity is installed under System Information. You are now ready to install a Custom Firmware.

Installing Custom Firmware


  • Unzip the Custom Firmware you choose (LME or PRO-C2) and copy everything to /PSP/GAME/
  • Run the 66x PRO-C Updater from XMB to install the Custom Firmware.
  • Press X to start installation


Configure the bootloader
  1. Run Bootloader Config;
  2. Press the left arrow and select the CFW you have installed;
  3. Press X and you’re done.