AutoRCM forces your Nintendo Switch into Recovery Mode (RCM) every boot. This makes the use of a hardware jig unnecessary. AutoRCM can be disabled at any time.

Why should I enable AutoRCM?

It is recommended to enable AutoRCM before updating your system firmware with ChoiDujourNX. Booting in the RCM will not burn fuses, but a normal system boot will burn fuses and disable the possibility downgrade in the future.

Enabling / Disabling
  1. Enter RCM Mode
  2. Enter Hekate CTCaer mod
  3. Navigate to Tools
  4. Navigate to AutoRCM
  5. Click Enable AutoRCM (or Disable AutoRCM to disable)

Go back and your device should now always boot in Recovery Mode.


Custom Firmware

Up- or Downgrading

RCM Mode / JIG

Blocking Updates


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