Homebrew for installing Nintendo Switch Firmware update packages directly on the console without burning fuses!

  • It is very rare that users brick their Nintendo Switch while following this guide, but there’s always a chance an unrecoverable brick happens. We are not responsible.
  • Nintendo can and probably will ban accounts or consoles from using online services. This is your responsibility!

If your console is shipped with firmware 4.1.0 and you have installed an OTA firmware update you will not be able to downgrade to 4.1.0. If you update from 4.1.0 with AutoRCM enabled via ChoiDujourNX you’ll be able to download if you don’t boot into stock firmware. It’s important to always choose CFW to boot!


This guide works for all firmware versions on consoles bought or released before July 2018 and focuses on the Custom Bootloader Hekate and the Custom Firmware Atmosphére. Requirements:

  • A USB Type C to A or USB Type C to C (depending on the device your using)
  • A MicroSD Card
  • A .xci backup file with the desired firmware version
  • Hactool by SciresM (Download here)
  • ChoiDujourNX by Rajkosto (Download here)
Extracting or downloading update files + ChoiDujourNX.nro

In order to update we need update files. You can download them at our Vault (the easiest method!) or extract them manually from a cartridge dump (.xci file). These cartridges contain the following firmware versions: Puyo Puyo Tetris: 1.0.0 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: 2.1.0 Splatoon 2: 2.3.0 Pokemon Tournament DX: 3.0.0 Syberia 2: 3.0.1 Xenoblade Chronicles 2: 3.0.2 Bayonetta 2: 4.0.1 Kirby Star Allies: 4.1.0 Octopath Traveler: 5.0.2 Taiko no Tatsujin (JPN): 5.1.0 A complete list including the firmware version can be found on

  1. Download and extract Hactool
  2. Copy your .xci file to the hactool folder
  3. Open Terminal or CMD and navigate to the hactool folder (using the cd command)
  4. Once inside the folder typ:
    1. hactool -x --intype=xci --updatedir=firmwarexxx dumpname.xci

When the process is complete you have a new folder named firmwarexxx (xxx = your firmware version for example firmware510). Copy this folder to the root of your MicroSD card.

  1. Download and extract ChoiDujourNX
  2. Copy ChoiDujourNX.nro to the root of your SD Card
Installing the firmware update:

Before continuing make sure your Switch has enough battery power left, prevent the battery from dying by charging through the process. Insert the SD Card in your device and run Hekate, press Launch and choose CFW.

  1. On your home screen click Album to open the Homebrew Menu.
  2. Click ChoiDujourNX
  3. Selecteer the folder Firmwarexxx
  4. Select Choose
  5. Select the firmware folder (X.X.X of X.X.X (Including exFAT))
  6. Click Start Installation
  7. Click Reboot Now

It is safe to delete the firmwarexxx folder on your MicroSD. Don’t forget to use AutoRCM and always boot in CFW.  

Downgrading the firmware:

If you have not burned any fuses after updating firmware with ChoiDujourNX you can re-install a lower firmware version (only if no fuses are burned for that firmware). In order to do so follow the exact same guide as updating with ChoiDujourNX.


Custom Firmware

Up- or Downgrading

RCM Mode / JIG

Blocking Updates


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