Start your Nintendo Switch hacking journey by reading these Frequently Asked Questions!

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What is Custom Firmware?

Custom Firmware for the Nintendo Switch is a modified version of the official firmware to provide new features and unlock functionalities. Custom Firmware allows homebrew applications to run and is often associated with piracy. We have listed a few recommended CFW here.

What is RCM Mode?

The Recovery Mode is also known as the Maintenance Mode can be exploited with Fusée Gelée in order to inject a payload. This vulnerability in the Tegra hardware cannot be patched in future software updates, a hardware revision of the console was launched in july 2018 in order to fix it. You can follow this guide to enter RCM Mode. You can follow this guide to enable AutoRCM.

Do I need a NAND Backup?

YES, you should always create (and backup) a complete NAND backup. This is very important if something should go wrong. We have dedicated a special section of our Fusée Gelée guide here to backup your NAND.

Can I use a 2GB SD Card?

An SD Card of at least 32GB is recommended (required) if you want to run Custom Firmware like Atmosphère or RajNX.

Can I switch to a bigger SD Card?

Yes, just make copy and paste all the files from the old card to the new one.

Will Nintendo ban my Nintendo Account?

Nintendo has stepped up it’s security and can easily detect if you are running unsigned code. They will not hesitate to ban you when using illegal backups online, etc.

Will Nintendo ban my console?

Again. Nintendo has stepped up it’s security and can easily detect if you are running unsigned code. They will not hesitate to ban you when using illegal backups online, etc.

What firmware should I stay on? What are eFuses?

If you’d like to wait for a cold boot exploit it is recommended to stay on a firmware as low as possible. However you can update (and later downgrade) with ChoiDujourNX without burning eFuses. AutoRCM needs to be enabled in order for the console to not burn fuses after installing a firmware update. A guide can be found here. eFuses are an anti downgrade measure by Nintendo. Each official firmware updates burns a number of fuses. This prevents the Switch from booting if more fuses are burnt on a lower firmware. This will prevent the Switch from booting after detecting a downgrade.

What are KIPs?

KIPs are a modular portion of a Custom Firmware that allows for extra features not found in the Original Firmware.

What does LayeredFS mean?

LayeredFS or Layered FileSystem is used by the console for game patches. When it is enabled it can overwrite official game files with custom ones. This allows modding a game.

Can I inject multiple payloads loaded from SD Card?

Yes and no, you can inject (or setup your dongle) with ArgonNX. ArgonNX then loads a payload of choosing named payload.bin in the argon folder on your SD Card. Alternatively you can inject the payload while holding the VOLUME DOWN button and choose to run one of the payloads safed on your SD card in the folder argon/payloads.



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