Ontwikkelaar @jjolano is een tijdje weg geweest maar heeft nu OpenPS3FTP in plugin (sprx) versie gemaakt. Ook zijn er POC funtionaliteiten toegevoegd dat andere VSH Plugins en ontwikkelaars toe staat om hun eigen custom commands van de interface in de plugin toe te voegen.

OpenPS3FTP – Version 4.2-PRX
Since services like FTP are probably better suited to run in the background, here’s a VSH plugin.​

The whole thing needed to be rewritten (again) in C, but it mainly follows the C++ codebase, so there’s still the great stability and performance that standalone version 4.2 brings – notably the 10+ simultaneous connection stability.​

Additionally, this plugin provides an interface for other VSH plugins to add their own commands! Simply link your project to the sprx stub along with the header file. Currently, this is experimental – but tested to be working. An example proof-of-concept is included. This requires the main plugin to be loaded first. The only issue is that the plugins MUST unregister their commands and be unloaded first, otherwise the console will hang on shutdown endlessly.

Since I’m still new to the SPRX game, this is being marked as pre-release or beta. Do expect crashes, but from my own testing, it works.​
Included files:

  • openps3ftp.sprx: main FTP server plugin. Make sure other FTP daemons are disabled (or on a different port) such as webMAN.
  • openps3ftp_prx_test.sprx: plugin interface tester. This injects a command called “TEST” which calls syscall 496 ( sys_prx_get_module_id_by_name) and takes in a parameter.
  • libopenps3ftp_prx.a: plugin interface stub library. Required link for adding commands to the FTP server.
  • openps3ftp.h: plugin interface header file.