Ontwikkelaar @m0rph3us1987 heeft via Twitter de broncode van zijn project PS4Ninja (een bestandsverkenner) vrij gegeven. In dezelfde tweet geeft de ontwikkelaar ook aan het project te verlaten.

– I stopped working on the project because im focusing other ps4 stuff.
– The code released has some addons, and it’s not the same as the previuos public release.
– The code released brings the following addons:

1) Userland debugger.
2) Live kernel patching.
3) File upload.
4) Full folder download.
5) enable/disable userland ASLR at runtime.

I removed all functions that may get me into legal trouble, such als self/sdll decryption and some other stuff.
Most functions removed are not a big secret anymore and anyone who wants and has the knowledge can integrate them again
(if he wants one tool for everything).
Code is not clean and most of it is written quick and dirty because the project was never meant to be made public but only for personal use.

I hope other devs will have fun with it.