Custom Firmware Atmosphère is opnieuw voorzien van een update door hacker SciresM. Het gaat om een update met een aantal bug fixes en stabiliteit verbeteringen.

Als je een console hebt met een lagere firmware versie dan 6.2.0 is het aangeraden om deze update ook te installeren. De software is compatibel en introduceert enkele verbeteringen die er eventueel voor kunnen zorgen dat je console bricked door het gebruiken van kwaadaardige homebrew of backups.

Changelog 0.8.2:

0.8.2 is Atmosphère’s ninth official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.8.2.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A number of bugs were fixed causing users to sometimes see Key Derivation Failed!.
    • KFUSE clock enable timings have been adjusted to allow time to stabilize before TSEC is granted access.
    • A race condition was fixed that could cause wrong key data to be used on 6.2.0
    • The TSEC firmware is now retried on failure, fixing a failure affecting ~1/50 boots on 6.2.0.
  • A bug was fixed causing some modules to not work on firmware 1.0.0.
  • A bug was fixed causing sleep mode to not work with debugmode enabled.
    • As a result, debugmode is now enabled in the default BCT.ini.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

For information on the featureset supported by 0.8.0, please see the official release notes.

Changelog 0.8.1:
  • A bug was fixed causing users to see Failed to enable SMMU! if fusee had previously rebooted.
    • This message will still occur sporadically if fusee is not launched from coldboot, but it can never happen twice in a row.
  • A race condition was fixed in Atmosphere bis_protect functionality that could cause NS to be able to overwrite BCT public keys.
    • This sometimes broke AutoRCM protection, the current fix has been tested on hardware and verified to work.
  • Support was added for enabling debugmode based on the exosphere section of BCT.ini:
    • Setting debugmode = 1 will cause exosphere to tell the kernel that debugmode is active.
    • Setting debugmode_user = 1 will cause exosphere to tell userland that debugmode is active.
    • These are completely independent of one another, allowing fine control of system behavior.
  • Support was added for nogc functionality; thanks to @rajkosto for the patches.
    • By default, nogc patches will automatically apply if the user is booting into 4.0.0+ with fuses from <= 3.0.2.
    • Users can override this functionality via the nogc entry in the stratosphere section of BCT.ini:
      • Setting nogc = 1 will force enable nogc patches.
      • Setting nogc = 0 will force disable nogc patches.
    • If patches are enabled but not found for the booting system, a fatal error will be thrown.
      • This should prevent running FS without nogc patches after updating to an unsupported system version.
  • An extension was added to exosphere allowing userland applications to cause the system to reboot into RCM:
    • This is done by calling smcSetConfig(id=65001, value=<nonzero>); user homebrew can use splSetConfig for this.
  • On fatal error, the user can now choose to perform a standard reboot via the power button, or a reboot into RCM via either volume button.
  • A custom message was added to fatal for when an Atmosphère API version mismatch is detected (2495-1623).
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
Changelog 0.8.0:
  • Support for firmware 6.2.0 with automatic system key generation. Special thanks to motezazer
  • A custom ‘fatal’ system module was created which displays a custom error screen giving the user information about registers and a backtrace
  • Some partitions like BOOT0 now have basic protections applied to them
    • This stops malicious homebrew from messing with such partitions
    • However, this doesn’t mean that you can now install everything you can get your hands on as malicious homebrew can still find ways to bypass this protection
  • HDCP titles running on newer firmwares no longer crash
  • Numerous other more technical improvements such as disabling smhax

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