Het SwitchBrew team heeft versie 3.0.0 van The Homebrew Launcher uitgebracht. Deze toepassing die meestal word gestart door het Album te openen kan andere homebrew applicaties detecteren en opstarten.


  • Added message boxes. The envGetLastLoadResult() output is now displayed during startup if needed (error returned by the application which ran last).
  • Added nxlink support (netloader).
    • The Switch IP address can automatically be determined via UDP broadcast.
    • Netloader is handled on a seperate thread with non-blocking sockets. UI drawing is not blocked during the transfer.
    • The transfer can be aborted via ‘Back’ input.
    • If the transfer stopped without finishing, the file is deleted.
    • When returning to the main-menu from netloader, the menu is reloaded since the netloader NRO may have been deleted due to the transfer stopping.
    • Netloader status is displayed in a message-box while netloader is active. This include transfer progress and a progress-bar.
    • Fixed buffer overflow vuln with netloader args introduced with the original netloader commit (nothing useful which could cause a crash can be overwritten with an unmodifed nxlink). Fixed unrelated bounds check in launchAddArg() which broke once nxlink_host support was added.
  • Use system shared-font. Note that the system language is still not used.
  • Added touch-controls.
  • Added support for themes loaded from SD. If the system theme is not recognized, the used theme will default to the dark theme.
  • Added Theme Menu for selecting the used theme, including the default theme.
  • Enabled time display, which uses local-time.
  • The battery/charging status is now displayed.
  • Added support for file-associations.

Download en pak het archiefbestand uit op de root van je MicroSD kaart om deze update te installeren.

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