Nu de PlayStation 4 Scene in al zijn glorie is ontwaakt zouden we bijna vergeten dat er ook nog ontwikkelaars actief werken aan homebrew voor de PlayStation Vita. Ontwikkelaar Joel16 en Berion sloegen de handen in elkaar en maakten VitaBackup.

Wat is VitaBackup?

VitaBackup is een eenvoudige homebrew applicatie die belangrijke bestanden van je hardware kan backuppen:

  • Encrypted and decrypted save data.
  • Trophy information
  • System Settings and User Information (handy to have if you restored your PSVita or are switching to another one)
  • User and Hardware IDs
  • Software licenses, these are linked to your PSN account
  • The application database or, in layman’s terms, the layout of the icons on the screen. – It’s a very good idea to back this up if you’re messing around with how some bubbles look!
  • Activation data – The importance of the activation file isn’t as great thanks to NoNpDrm and ReNpDrm. That being said, having it could still save you some time and headaches when it comes to setting up the aforementioned plugins.
  • VPKs – You can tell the program to backup VPKs found in ux0:/vpk/ for some reason. (VHBB doesn’t download/cache its VPKs there so I personally don’t really think that this option is necessary)

Backups worden in TAR formaat opgeslagen in ux0:/data/VitaBackup/backups, wil je liever de bestanden op de interne partitie van de Vita bewaren dan kan je dat pad veranderen naar ur0:/data/VitaBackup/backups.

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