Atmosphère 0.9.4 by SciresM

Atmosphère 0.9.4 by SciresM 0.9.4

0.9.4 is Atmosphère's twenty-second official release.
fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.9.3.
With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.9.4 is bundled with hbl 2.2, and hbmenu 3.1.1.
The following was changed since the last release:
  • Support was added for 9.0.0.
    • Please note: 9.0.0 made a number of changes that may cause some issues with homebrew. Details:
    • 9.0.0 changed HID in a way that causes libnx to be unable to detect button input.
      • Homebrew should be recompiled with newest libnx to fix this.
      • Atmosphere now provides a temporary hid-mitm that will cause homebrew to continue to work as expected.
        • This mitm will be removed in a future Atmosphere revision once homebrew has been updated, to allow users to use a custom hid mitm again if they desire.
    • 9.0.0 introduced an dependency in FS on the USB system module in order to launch the SD card.
      • This means the USB system module must now be launched before the SD card is initialized.
      • Correspondingly, the USB system module can no longer be IPS patched, and its settings cannot be reliably mitm'd.
      • We know this is frustrating, so we'll be looking into whether there is some way of addressing this in the future.
    • Please note: 9.0.0 updated the switch's gamecart controller ("lotus") firmware.
      • To prevent the burning of lotus fuses, Atmosphere now applies nogc patches when booting into 9.0.0 with fuses below 9.0.0.
      • If you wish to play gamecarts on 9.0.0 (but forever prevent yourself from playing them on < 9.0.0), set nogc = 0 in BCT.ini.
  • An off-by-one error was fixed in boot system module's pinmux initialization.
    • This could theoretically have caused issues with HdmiCec communication.
    • No users reported issues, so it's unclear if this was a problem in practice.
  • A bug was fixed that could cause webapplet launching homebrew to improperly set the accessible url whitelist.
  • BIS key generation has been fixed for newer hardware.
    • Newer hardware uses new, per-firmware device key to generate BIS keys instead of the first device key, so previously the wrong keys were generated as backup.
    • This only affects units manufactured after ~5.0.0.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
For information on the featureset supported by 0.9.0, please see the official release notes.
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