Hactool by SciresM

Hactool by SciresM 1.4.0

Time for a new hactool release :)
Compilation is still annoying, so a pre-compiled build is provided for Windows users.
Since the last release, the following was changed:
-Support was fixed for parsing save files (thanks @shchmue)!
-Support was fixed for extracting package1 binaries newer than 4.0.0.
-Support was added for performing mariko-specific key derivation.
-Support was added for decrypting and extracting mariko package1 binaries.
The following Switch file formats are supported:
-Package1 (PK11)
-Package2 (PK21)
-Save files
Keydata can be baked in at compile-time, or loaded from an external key file. See README.md and KEYS.md for details. In addition, a secure boot key + TSEC key + boot0 file pair can be passed in with an external key file to derive all keys it is possible to know given the information one has.
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