Homebrew Launcher

Homebrew Launcher 3.3.0

  • HID input is now accepted from all controllers including handheld when connected, instead of determining which controllers to use with hidGetHandheldMode().
  • Fixed a crash in touch handling for star-button when the current directory is empty (no menu entries).
  • Implemented layouts which can optionally be loaded from theme config.
  • Added support for using themes with extension '.romfs', which contains '/theme.cfg', optionally '/icon.jpg' for the menu-entry in Theme Menu, and any assets. Added 'assets' group to theme config, this is only used with .romfs themes.
  • Added logoColor and highlightGradientEdgeColor to the theme config.
  • When entering Theme Menu, the initially selected menu-entry is now the currently configured theme.
  • Updated the default highlightGradientEdgeColor.
  • File-association entries without an icon are no longer ignored (such as when there's no embedded app-icon and no other icon is loaded).
  • Added support for using file-associations with netloader, an error will now be thrown if the filename/file-extension used with netloader is not recognized.
  • Errors during netloader activation are now actually displayed.
  • Netloader now uses SO_REUSEADDR, this fixes netloader activation temporarily failing after a netloader error previously occurred.
  • Added app_args config setting for file-associations.
  • Built with libnx stable v3.1.0. Hence, the local-time is now displayed correctly with certain timezones.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
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