Switch Appstore by vgmoose

Switch Appstore by vgmoose 2.1

This is a Switch homebrew app for downloading and installing more homebrew from Switchbru's repository.

To use it, see the instructions in the readme. Homebrew is only currently publicly compatible with 3.0.0 Switches.

The first load will take a while as it caches some icon and banner data, loads after that should be much faster. The best way to interact with the app is by using the touch screen, but there are also gamepad controls.

  • Switch: copy appstore.nro to sd:/switch/appstore/appstore.nro, and run via hbmenu
  • Wii U: copy appstore.rpx to sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore/appstore.rpx, and run via HBL
  • OR: extract the right *-extracttosd.zip for your platform to the root of the SD card
  • new theme category + allow theme installation
  • NRO launching after installation
  • uses GPU to render (smoother)
  • faster downloads
  • can actually exit with minus button
  • misc category added
Wii U:
  • synced with switch codebase! Now using SDL2
  • can search now!
  • can control without touch screen
  • can scroll and read more details about packages (size, changelog, etc)
  • can install files anywhere on SD (Retroarch, haxchi, etc updated)
  • sort apps, smoother scrolling, and other quality of life things from syncing with Switch
The PC build has also started migrating to Buck + Buckaroo for building and dependency management. It is my long term goal to use the same Buck configuration to compile across all platforms!
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