Jammer genoeg konden we de afgelopen dagen via Twitter opmerken dat ontwikkelaar Major_Tom de Vita scene achterwege laat, nadat iemand 1 van zijn projecten vroegtijdig had gereleased…

Major_Tom maakte samen met onder andere TheFl0w en Mr.Gas deel uit van Team Freek. De tool die ze nu ‘officieel’ uitbrachten heet Vitamin. Met Vitamin kan je PS Vita games dumpen en decrypten. Omdat we piracy NIET ondersteunen zullen we deze tool dus ook niet aanbieden via onze website.

Nieuwe features van deze officiële release zijn:

  • Amphetamin Plugin
  • Bijkomende self dumping (hogere compatibiliteit)
  • PARAM.SFO patching om error 0x80101144 te voorkomen
  • Games worden gedumpt als ‘Safe’ homebrews
  • Stabielere dumpter
  • Betere UI met progress bar en percentage


This software has been written by us within 4 weeks, which we planned to release anonymously under the name Team FreeK. However Major Tom accidently shared an old built with a group of people, in which one or more of them decided to leak a game first and the day after the tool itself. For no reason. As we, Team FreeK already wanted to officially provide the dumper soon.

Now, there are some people who say: You guys actually wanted to release it anyways, why do you get mad about a leak then? Let’s say their wifes give premature births and their children aren’t well developed yet, would they also say: The baby would have actually come out anyways, why do you get sad? That was a bizarre example, but it’s actually how we feel about a project: We took care of it and worked on it 5h per day with full of passion until it was fully developed. Not only was our disappointment big, but also our helplessness, when we saw our work floating in the internet without our knowledge. We were then called babies because we showed some emotions when we faced the fact that our work, that we have been taking care for one month, got leaked.