webMAN Mod 1.47.05

webMAN Mod 1.47.05

WebMAN MOD heeft al weer een update voor PS3 gekregen van ontwikkelaar @Aldostools. Deze keer is een verbeterede HTTP socket connectie (met dank aan DeanK), en presteert de game lijst beter wanener je HTML gebruikt.

  • Improved HTTP performance reusing socket connection (thanks to DeanK)
  • Improved performance of game listing in HTML (using sLaunch cache when available)
  • Tweaked auto-play wait time (should be faster)
  • Prevent launch last played game on boot if Disc Auto-Start is On
  • Internal prepNTFS: Re-added copy of external picture to hdd0
  • SELECT+R3+L2+R2 starts video_rec plugin & unloads webMAN
  • Changed MEM link in /cpursx.ps3 to toggle sLaunch GUI
  • sLaunch/VSH menu now are loaded/unloaded dynamically (removed them from /boot_plugins.txt)
  • FTP resume now supports offsets over 4GB (rest now is 64bit)
  • Fixed various bugs

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